Kopare Bild AB established in 1999 as a specialized producer of visualizations, and participated for many years in central projects in Stockholm.

Since 2015 as consulting architect in collaboration with colleagues and producers of private housing, and since 2018 also as project architect and builder.

With experience in both contemporary and classical architecture, planning and production, we make architecture relevant again.



For millennia we have known that architecture should be practical, beautiful and sustainable, because if any of these three qualities are omitted or prioritized, the architecture becomes incomplete or one-sided, e.g. practical but not beautiful, or beautiful but not sustainable, or sustainable but neither beautiful nor practical.

What is practical, beautiful and sustainable can vary in different contexts, but what rarely varies is how their interplay (or lack of interplay) affects the built environment. They can be balanced or distributed to allow for interplay, and then the architect can achieve the best possible interplay. When this succeeds, the architecture becomes versatile, i.e. practical, beautiful, and sustainable.



In 1991, many architects and schools were still hesitant about the use of computers. I explored the technology on my own, produced work samples, travelled abroad and approached curious architects.

In 1992 I got a job with Daniel Libeskind in Berlin to supplement the office’s hand-made drawings and models with digital counterparts. After five months I was hired by Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam where my renderings helped the office win a competition for two libraries at Jussieu in Paris. The pictures were published in The New York Times (Feb. 14, 1993) and later in Arkitektur (No. 7, 1994).

Between 1994 and 1999, I was employed by Wingårdhs in Gothenburg and in Stockholm, where I produced presentation renderings in competitions that we won, e.g. for the Arlanda air traffic control tower, and for the Swedish embassy in Berlin. Later I started Kopare Bild AB. Alongside work, I studied philosophy at the university, and late on at KTH where I graduated in architecture in 2015.

Since then I have worked as a consultant architect for, among others, Vera Arkitekter and Symbios Förvaltning, and I am currently building a house by the sea together with local contractors.


CV Jerry Kopare

1966 Born in Jönköping, Sweden
1988-91 Art history, internships at building sites and architecture offices Stockholm
1991 Kopare Arkitekturillustrationer Stockholm
1992 Studio Daniel Libeskind Berlin
1992-93 OMA Rem Koolhaas Rotterdam
1994 Herman Hertzberger Amsterdam
1994-99 Wingårdh Arkitektkontor Göteborg Stockholm
Since 1999 Kopare Bild AB Stockholm
2015 Master of Architecture KTH Stockholm
Since 2015 practicing architect
2020-24 House by the sea